Khushi Pilates

Khushi is a Hindi word for “Happiness”.
Khushi Pilates is my expression of health, happiness and harmony.

Khushi Pilates is based on the 8 principles of Joseph Pilates’ Contrology; Concentration, Control, Centering, Movement Flow, Precision and Breathing. Pilates is a non-abrasive form of exercise designed to strengthen and stabilise your core muscles (abdominals, back and glutes). A strong core assists in improving flexibility and building overall muscle strength and endurance. Emphasis is placed on pelvic and spinal alignment to develop a conscious connection to your core, as well as improve balance and coordination.

To me, Pilates is a series of “body happy” movements, based entirely on your individual needs and capabilities. Pilates uses the body’s own resistance and scope of movement in all exercises, which allows all exercises to be modified according to your individual capabilities. In doing so, a well structured Pilates regime executed by a qualified instructor reduces the risk of injury considerably.

“The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors if there be any such so fortunate living among us today. However, it is the ideal to strive for, and in our opinion, it is only through Contrology that this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind, and spirit can ever be attained.” Joseph Pilates



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“In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.”
Joseph Pilates

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KhusiPilates now also offer Yoga

We are very happy to announce that we will be offering Hatha Yoga .

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